About Amber

Hi! My name is Amber Bodily. I’m a Master FootZonologist practitioner and instructor, Health Intuitive, Master Herbalist, and Certified Aromatherapist. I currently reside in the San Francisco Bay Area. I graduated from BYU-Hawaii University and spent 15 years running two successful businesses. I am an Aerobics instructor and enjoy keeping my body active through outdoor activities. I am a wife and mother of three active boys. I had no intention of pursuing a career in health, but life threw me a curve ball when my first child became chronically ill. He was hospitalized multiple times for respiratory illnesses along with a large array of other health issues. I was exhausted with the options doctors gave me and continued to offer me. I wasn’t seeing any improvement as his conditions worsened. After exhausting my resources in the medical field, I was determined to find answers. I sought out alternative medicine and found improvement, hope and full recovery for my son through FootZoning. When my second child was diagnosed with brain tumors in utero, I decided to learn FootZonology.  I was able to eradicate them with FootZonology treatments, diet changes and other natural remedies. A beautiful journey of learning had begun…. 

Finding healing for my family and practicing FootZonology has inspired compassion in me for all who suffer with chronic illness or those loosing hope with their ailments. It is my passion and greatest desire to empower people to heal and understand the amazing abilities of the human body. We as a society have lost the understanding and faith in what the human body is capable of. 

Through diet and lifestyle changes, natural remedies and FootZonology treatments, the body can transform and heal.

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