The Back Zoning Course is $1,700. It includes 2 manuals and 1 DVDs. The duration of this course varies depending on when it is given. It is usually held over a 1 month period of time.  With each manual you will receive specific instructions, and detailed handouts to assist with learning more in-depth with Back Zoning treatments and analysis. Back Zoning is a tool to help release emotions stored in the body creating physical ailments and misalignments. It also helps with physical burdens one is dealing with, i.e. spine, nerves, shoulder, kidneys, liver, lungs, reproductive organs and more. One will also learn all about herbs, nutrition, food, essential oils and all the systems in the body that assist the body with rebalancing. A massage table is recommended but not necessary to take the class. This class is for those who desire to learn detailed technique to understand the state of health through the canvas of the back and for those who wish to know more on how to release emotions stored in the body. 

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