It was fun to play in the park fields of yellow flowers and mustard greens, until I found I was dancing with DDT!

Remember hearing about that toxic chemical used in wars in your history lessons? Well, it’s still out there. This toxic chemical (known to contribute to cancerous tumors, chronic diseases, pollution and wildlife endangerment) remains in our environment. Although the US banned DDT, other countries are still spraying our food with this pesticide, and the harmful effects are being passed around through the food chain.

Pesticides like DDT affect the nervous system by interfering with normal nerve impulses, thereby weakening our immune systems. It makes our livers hypersensitive, instigates diabetes, complicates digestion, triggers migraines and chronic depression, causes skin disorders and disrupts hormones. We know hormone disruptions have lead to breast & other cancers, male infertility, miscarriages, low birth weight, and developmental delays. 

We must be proactive and cleanse our system with healing foods. Here are some simple tips to do so:

  • Add Dulce to your diet. This sea vegetable bioactive phytochemicals lock onto the toxins and don’t allow them to disperse while they still in the body. Dulce acts like a sponge to DDT. (ORDER SOME HERE!)

    • Sprinkle on your next sweet potato or golden potato. You can also add a spoonful to your wild blueberry smoothie. Adding some to your vegetable medley is savory.

  • Red Clover helps clean the lymphatic system and help the body's ability to clean DDT out of the system.

    • Try it! Boil 4 cups of water and remove from stove. Add 2 T red clover tea and 2 T dandelion Tea. Steep for 10 minutes. Add a drizzle of raw honey and enjoy.

  • Eat wild blueberries. Wild foods do wonders for purifying the body. These blue gems are some of the most powerful antioxidants.

    • Throw some in your smoothies, granola, or pancakes, and wash away some DDT with a smile! A favorite recipe of mine is fill a breakfast bowl of organic chopped strawberries, a handful of wild blueberries with freshly made almond milk, and sprinkles of raw shredded coconut, hemp seeds, chia seeds, and/or raw honey.

  • Eat Parsley to pull out toxins from your organs and small intestines! Parsley helps clean the kidneys, rejuvenates the lymphatic system and adds more chlorophyll to the blood.  

    • Parsley can be added to any wrap, salad, smoothie, water or topper on your vegetables. Sprinkling it on top of your sauteed veggies, your baked potato, soup and root burger. Don’t forget to eat the garnish that sits on the side of your plate.

    • My Family’s Favorite drink rain or shine. Or in a popsicle if you may…

1 large bunch of organic flat leaf parsley

2 T Raw Honey

3 Limes squeezed or peeled

5-6 cups of water

Put Parsley, honey and 3 cups of water in the blender. Blend on high for 1 minute. Add 2-3 more cups of water and blend for another 1-2 minutes.