Amber Bodily is my Foot zoning instructor. I am blessed to have her share such valuable knowledge. Since I learned foot zoning, my family and I have been well enough and not had to visit the doctor. I am able to use my foot zoning skills and knowledge to help my family and myself in so many different situations. Here is one experiences that I want to share. On August 2nd 2016, Tuesday, I was sitting on my couch folding laundry. I suddenly felt an electric shock on the bottom of my spine. My lower back started to hurt, and I couldn’t even stand. I was in so much pain. I described my situation to Amber, and she told me that I had virus in my body. She suggested me to take some herbs. I follow her suggestions. Besides taking the herbs, I zoned myself several times a day, and by Friday, August 5th, my pain was gone. 100% recovered. I am so grateful for the knowledge and information that Amber shares with me. The knowledge that I have learned from Foot zoning empowers me to take control of my health and help my family.
— Melanie Mak