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What is FaceZonology?

FaceZonology is the study and science of the signals in the face.  These signals are connected to the limbic system and the brain, the “mental” body.  There are four methods involved in FaceZonology:  Face ZoneAnalysis, Face ZoneBalance, Face Tissue Rejuvenation and Aromatic Face Massage.

Our limbic system is our sensory system, and whatever we have seen, smelled, tasted, heard or touched has made an imprint in our “mental” body.  Over time, disharmony that we have been exposed to through our senses can cause disturbances in our mental body.  This can move us away from who we are truly meant to be.   Face ZoneAnalysis allows the Zonologist to analyze the imbalances in the “mental” body that can be detected in the face.  

Through Face ZoneBalance, the entire signals in the face are utilized to provide balance and alignment.  This raises your awareness about your own beliefs and removes mental imbalances that are not in harmony with your true self.  The mind and body are brought back to a state of self-correction that influences the hormones and inner organs.

Face Tissue Rejuvenation is a systematic way to increase blood circulation, cleanse the lymphatic system and rebalance the spinal nerves and the bone structure.  It has a positive influence on the skin cells and muscles of the face, providing elasticity and firmness.  Overall, it can create a healthy, youthful glow!

The Aromatic Face Massage follows the same pattern as the ZoneBalance, with the addition of a specific essential oil blend tailored to each person’s individual needs.  The oils have their own supportive, healing properties. They continue the process of balancing and rejuvenation, especially for the muscles, skin, inner organs and spinal nerves.

What to expect during a FaceZone Session

Arrive in comfortable clothing with a clean face.  Please make sure there is no make-up or residual lotion or oil on the face.  Wear no earrings or neck jewelry.  Wear a loose t-shirt that does not come up high on the neck.  It is also best for those with long hair to pull their hair back.

Lay on the massage table on your back and get in to a relaxed, comfortable state.  Take a few deep breaths, and close your eyes.  The Zonologist will analyze the current condition of the face and make note of any imbalances that they see.  A custom blend of oils, unique for each individual’s needs, will be made before the treatment begins.  

The healing treatment begins with Face ZoneBalance.  It may feel like a massage, but completely different at the same time!  It is a sequence of methodic movements where the Zonologist moves in a circular motion all around the face, beginning with balancing the spinal fluid.  This will take approximately 15-20 minutes.

Next is the Face Tissue Rejuvenation, which can feel slightly uncomfortable over areas that have disturbances.  It may feel like the skin is being pulled.  The rejuvenating effects of this part of the treatment are two-fold, providing balance to the skin tissue and cells, as well as increasing blood circulation, cleansing the lymphatic system, balancing the inner organs and repairing hormonal imbalances. This will take about 15-20 minutes. 

The treatment concludes with an Aromatic Face Massage.  It follows the same pattern as the ZoneBalance, but with the added benefit of a custom made essential oil blend.  The essential oils soothe the skin, provide further detoxification, and support any areas of the mental body that need further balancing and rejuvenation.

After the treatment relax and take a few deep breaths.  Enjoy the peaceful feeling and stay as long as you need on the table.  When you feel grounded and ready, get up very slowly and carefully.  There will be a lot of circulation flowing through the head so you may feel dizzy or light headed.  Take a few deep breaths and move as slowly as you need to.  Then enjoy the peaceful, yet invigorating feeling of being balanced and renewed!

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