Foot Zoning is a tool to help you become more self reliant, more aware of the human body and how it functions. You will learn all about herbs, nutrition, food, essential oils and all the systems in the body. This class is for those who have a desire to learn more about their bodies, how to care for their bodies and the health of their loved ones. There is an increasing demand for footzoning - you may even wish to become a professional zoner.

The Beginning Foot Zoning Certification costs $4,500. It includes 10 manuals, 6 DVDs, instruction and all 3 exams (written, oral and practical). The standard duration is 16 sessions: twice a month for 8 months in the Bay Area. However, distance learning and an intensive class (8 weeks instead of 8 months) are also possible. Finally, if you live outside of the Bay Area and wish to organize an intensive class in your region (minimum attendance: 20), please contact us.

Each week you will be expected to work on your studies (homework and practical) 4-5 hours a week. With each manual you will receive specific instructions, detailed handouts and MP3 files covering the topics.

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