My son has a bleeding disorder (Hemophilia) that required him to have inter venous infusions in the top of his hands three times a week to prevent him from having internal bleeds. As soon as Amber say him, she looked at me and said there was another way that this bleeding disorder could be treated. At that moment, our lives changed forever. Amber told us that through consistent foot zoning, the twice daily use of yarrow (an essential oil), eating a cleaner diet, drinking green smoothies, and getting more sunshine (vitamin D) that my son could change the face of his bleeding disorder and eventually change his DNA so that he would no longer be plagued with this bleeding disorder. We believed her. Right then and there we made the changes. Consistent zoning, essential oils, and a clean diet are healing his body and bringing his organs and cells back to their divine blueprint.
— Kathleen Peterson
Amber is an amazing healer. After only 2 sessions with Amber, I was convinced to make a huge shift in my nutrition. I moved to a gluten and dairy free diet. I became more conscious of what I put in my body and how it affects me and my wellness overall. The first step is the discovery and awareness that Amber opened my life to. Her talent with foot zoning is one part of her gift. Her knowledge and passion for health and overall body wellness of each individual person that she works with is magnificent. She is one of the most genuine, radiating and gifted people I know. I feel lucky to be her client.
— Magen Savo
I got to know Amber when we trained and rode in a 100 mile bike ride together. Her enthusiasm and bright look on life are infectious and I love being around her and learning from her. She is a wealth of knowledge and is constantly learning and loves to pass that information on to her clients and friends. I know that if I follow what she tells me to do, I will be healthier and happier.
— Elizabeth Champion
Since meeting Amber, I’ve learned so many new things about my body and how to heal it without medication (which is usually accompanied with additional side effects). She is always immensely kind, understanding and encouraging, and every time I go visit her I feel inspired to get back on track. I feel like I can tell Amber anything! She genuinely cares about her clients and really walks her talk.
— Maaheem
What can I say about Amber? AMAZING! I met Amber through another friend who had reached out to me about my health issues. Being asthmatic, I always had trouble doing things. When I met Amber for a zoning session, I realize that this is what I was meant to do and get treated. She has been nothing but helpful and has put my health and life on track. Not only am I taking care of myself but it has also put me into a positive light on how I should carry on taking care of myself. Thank you Amber for the continuous love and support in helping me take care of myself.
— Huong Nguyen
I have only one kidney, and all my life I have suffered from High Blood Pressure. I was taking medication to lower my BP that worked only for a few weeks. Amber’s recommendations to improve my well being, with the proper food, and lifestyle adjustments, and your wonderful Foot-zoning, have done wonders for me. I am still taking medication, and now my BP is is under control. Amber has improved the quality of my life physically, and mentally, as well as my emotional, and spiritual.
I struggled with feeling sick for over a year. I went to 5 doctors, and a specialist none of whom could help me. They ran several tests and said I was fine. I was not fine! When I heard about Amber, I was curious. I took with me all of my tests and went to my appointment with Amber. As she was zoning me she basically told me what was going on in my body and natural ways I could help it, she confirmed in that one hour appointment what all of my lab work had said (of course I never shared what my lab work said until after). It was amazing! I am still on a healing journey, but meeting Amber and being zoned is something extraordinary! Amber also connected with my 7 year old son. Around this time, he had been suffering with severe asthma and other ailments. We have taken him to specialists, and there answer has been to put him on more pills. These medications and pills have affected his body in other areas. We drastically changed Ashton’s diet, he is getting zoned regularly and he has not used any medications for 3 months! His body is slowly trying to get back to the way it was intended = healthy! There truly isn’t enough space for me to adequately describe both my experience being zoned and meeting amber. Amber is truly a gifted and extraordinary woman. She is very knowledgeable and insightful. She has such a huge heart and welcoming spirit.
— Cori Reed
I was seeking more holistic and natural ways of healing my body, mostly with certain persistent issues such as seasonal allergies, colds, bloating and fatigue, constipation, and digestion. What I gained from Amber and from foot zoning was so much more. Owing to Amber’s deep knowledge and passion for this art, coupled with her ability to share it with others, I can proudly state that I am in better overall health than ever before - in a way most suitable and effective for me. Amber introduced me to so many nourishing and nutritious ingredients, herbs, and foods that work wonders in my recipes, the new dishes I make, for my physical well-being, and for my taste buds too! What I most value are the long-term benefits - this is a tool I can use life-long, unlike several different diets I’ve tried in the past. Amber will treat your feet like an artist his canvas - plus her calm and centered presence add the magic touch! I strongly recommend her.
— Purvi
On march of 2011- I began to have sciatica nerve pain, I was under a lot distress day and night. Pain was located at my lower back and both of my legs. I do have great respect for Doctors and modern medicine, unfortunately modern medicine help me to easy the pain but a couple side effects came along too. So I stop all medications and only continued with the routine of therapy at home using a body ball and acupuncture. Then in the summer of 2012- I heard about foot zoning trough a friend, So I decided to call Amber to schedule an appointment After a couple sessions I notice a big improvement, pain began to decrease significantly and my back felted much stronger. So by following Amber indications on doing a couple changes in my daily intake and last but not least practicing deep breading drinking plenty of water and getting some natural vitamin D. This means some sunshine, this last step I describe as it recharge my battery with in, that is why they called (solar power) right?. I am so grateful for being introduce to foot zoning, thanks a million to Amber for sharing such a wonderful gift with us, God bless you.
— Maria Duran
From the moment you walk through Amber's door you simply feel better, she is so warm and welcoming. I began seeing Amber for Foot Zoning about 2 years ago and to say it has changed my life is an understatement. I am now a healthier, happier and stronger person. And I know how to stay that way. Amber has an easy way of sharing her vast knowledge of natural living and is so passionate about health and wellness that it can help but rub off on everyone she meets. I live in Gratitude.
— Cindy
When I went to see Amber my first time for a foot zoning I was not sure what to expect, but was put at ease right when I walked in. Her kind and open personality was comforting. My initial issues of depression, non appetite, irritability and emotional issues have all been decreased and just about gone away. I owe it all to Amber’s zoning and caring orders about how food can help cure me of my ailments. It is an amazing process. Her care, kindness, years of zoning has made her an expert in this field of zoning. All in all, she cares about our body on all levels: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
— Michelle Flanagin
A few years after being a foot zoning client, I decided to learn footzonology because of the wonderful benefits I was receiving from the Amber. I wanted to be able to offer this to my family, friends and others who could benefit from it, just like I had. Studying Amber’s tutelage for 6 months and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! She goes above and beyond to make sure her students are learning everything they can to be able to use this healing modality to help others. I owe Amber and foot zoning my health!
— Adrienne Johnson
I have been zoning with Amber almost two years. She is passionate, an excellent in the realm of anatomy, physiology and nutrition. I look forward not only to discover my body’s ability to gain wellness and vitality but the education I receive each time I step foot into Amber’s presence. The icing on the cake to the appointments are the great suggestions and ideas for recipes that make the transition from eating a “normal”; diet to one that enhances my life.
— Debbie Higgins
A friend suggested that I visit her foot zonaligist after telling her about my sluggish bowel issues. I was confused at what exactly foot zoning is, if not reflexology. My first session, Amber had no clue as to my family history or any current issues I was having with my body. Within minutes she was telling me I have heavy metals around my brain stem and that my lower bowl was blocked up. I left her that day with a small reading list, as well as nutritional and herbal suggestions to help remedy the imbalances within me. Immediately, I started following her dietary advice. Within the week, I was having regular movements after years of having digestive problems and my energy had been restored!
— Gina M.
My first foot zoning session with Amber was like a breath of fresh air. Up until then, I’ve always felt like I was “different” and “weird” compared to everybody else. Nobody understood where I was coming from with my health. Amber totally understood me and offered advice that was completely different than what anything I’ve heard before. She was the first person to share with me the significance of a wholesome diet and lifestyle, and how that is the foundation for health. I started getting foot zoned on a regular basis, and felt more balanced after each zone. When I had acute migraine attacks, Amber would zone me and the migraine would go away without having to take the pain meds. I took Amber’s food and lifestyle recommendations to heart, first starting with the green smoothies and eating a high plant based diet without processed foods. My pain and headaches lessened and my stomach started to heal, as a bonus I also lost a significant amount of weight. It was like a miracle! Now, my health is the best that it’s ever been, thanks to Amber’s treatments and guidance over the last few years.
— Dana